Free ebooks sites !!

Okay guys, so I wasn’t so elaborate on my last post… it was because I was in a hurry… now in this post I am gonna give you some address to those sites where you may get those books free which I suggest.. here :-

So, these is it guys… and honestly I have given you in order from where you are most likely to get the book than less… okay so if it helps… I don’t guarantee that you’ll 100% find the book you want, for free from these sites but they are the best option. YOUR WELCOME 😉  !!


One thought on “Free ebooks sites !!

  1. Jyotirmay says:

    Thanks Zil Sheth !!!! These reviews were really very very helpful and i have all of them by heart !!! Yes, I suggest my friends to read these books and telling them your book reviews. They all are also fascinated about these books…. Actually we use to think that these romantic books are boring but after reading your reviews now we know that we were wrong! Yes, you pierced us wrong….. Thanks for this reviews and keep posting other book reviews for us. You are awesome….. Thanks from me and my whole team (friends) ….. Bye!……


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