Hi again, 

Today I am gonna review another book. So here it goes :-

Name : Obsidian (A Lux Novel #1)

 Author : Jennifer L. Armentrout


Review : This story is full of heart-stopping action, swoon-worthy-romance. It seriously is that good. Obsidian is a forget-your-homework, don’t-feed-your-kids, and quit-your-job one-sit-read. !! I am not kidding, I actually have forgot my homework to read it. I may have read 100’s of Teen books ( including twilight and vampire diaries ), but trust me on this. this one’s the best ⇑. This one’s the first book of Lux series… the 5th book is just gonna release on 5th of August. I have read all the 4 parts and actually I was re-reading those.

This story is of a 17-year-old girl Katy who just moved to a new place with her mother to escape the painful memories of her father and have a new start. But she didn’t expect to start anew by getting involved in the life of his neighbor Daemon Black who is an undeniably hot arrogant jerk to whom she is very unfortunately attracted as he seems to hate her. And its not what it looks like, Daemon has got secrets of his own…. otherworldly secrets.⊗

Tags : Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Thriller, Teen-read

Next Book in series : Onyx (A Lux Novel #2) 

                                  Opal (A Lux Novel #3)

                                  Origin (A Lux Novel #4)

                                  Shadows (A Lux Novel #0.5)

                                  Opposition (A Lux Novel #5)

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4 thoughts on “Obsidian

  1. Jyotirmay says:

    Thanks Zil Sheth !!!! These reviews were really very very helpful and i have all of them by heart !!! Yes, I suggest my friends to read these books and telling them your book reviews. They all are also fascinated about these books…. Actually we use to think that these romantic books are boring but after reading your reviews now we know that we were wrong! Yes, you pierced us wrong….. Thanks for this reviews and keep posting other book reviews for us. You are awesome….. Thanks from me and my whole team (friends) ….. Bye!……

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