Unenchanted : An Unfortunate Fairy Tale

Name : UnEnchanted

Author : Chanda Hahn

The series goes as follows :

1) Unenchanted


2) Fairest


3) Fable


Review : Mina Grime is unpopular, uncoordinated and very unlucky… her life is far from ordinary. Her dad died only when she was six, her mother rarely speaks about him, she has got a small brother who refuses to speak – ever, and on top of all, her family is constantly on move – from town to town & sometimes even states, she has crush on the popular boy from school who doesn’t even know she exists. But still, all this is somewhat normal right ? Well, all this changes when she learns that she is descended from the Brothers Grimm and has inherited all their fairytale business, fun… right ? not when it is a curse and the fairytales you read in your childhood was a good and happy ending version of the truth. Now, to break the storybook curse on her family, Mina must relive all of the fairy tales – in their cruel, sad ending version…. until the very Grimm end

This book is seriously awesome with a love triangle and a kick-ass heroine…. there’s still the last part of the series which is still not released… eagerly waiting for it ↑§


7 thoughts on “Unenchanted : An Unfortunate Fairy Tale

  1. Epshita Chakravarty says:

    You know that kid who remains confused all the time about what to read?? Hi there, its me. But your reviews finally throw some light on what I should read and avoid. Love your recommendations!!! ❤❤😃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tanvi Morwani says:

    Your reviews are my total savior❤ Finally someone helped me pick out books for my ‘to read’ list, that too some pretty great ones☺ Thank you so much. Trust me, you’re doing a great job💟

    Liked by 1 person

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