Wicked (A Wicked Saga)

Name : Wicked

Author : Jennifer L. Armentrout


Review : Love a kick-ass heroine who is not afraid to kick some butt ? Well, look no further. Ivy Morgan is just the kind of heroine you were looking for. The story follows the twenty-two year old as she protects the streets of New Orleans from the bad creatures who roam the streets. She, and others like her, knows that humans aren’t the only one strolling through French Quarters looking for a delicious meal.

Ivy will do anything to kill the creatures who took everything from her four years ago, tearing her world, her heart apart. Problem arises when she faces off an Ancient, till now, only thought to be a myth by her and the order. When she is one step away from death, literally, drop dead gorgeous, Ren Owens, with a killer smile linking a string of broken hearts along the way, enters her life, turning it upside down.

As fighting the dark creatures roaming the streets wasn’t enough, now Ivy also has to fight her strong attraction to Ren. Now,  Ren and Ivy will have to embark on a secret mission, secret from even the order, to prove that the Ancients are true and the world just might be in danger of being taken over by them, making the mankind as a food source.

This is a trilogy and only the first two books have been released yet. I honestly loved the story. The chemistry between Ivy and Ren is the highlight of the book. I completed this book in one day. A total page turner that won’t let you eat, study, sleep, or anything else till you complete it all. The name of the second book is Torn and I’ll be posting a review about it  too soon 🙂


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