Element Preservers

Name : Element Preserver Series

Author : Alyicia Linwood

The series goes as follows :

1) Dangerous


2) Runaway


3) Divided


4) Restless


5) Indestructible


Review : In this story, people aren’t normal as we all are… everyone has a element – Fire, Water, Earth or Air. But thats not all, those who don’t have any element are known as magic disease carriers, these are the one’s who can suck out other people’s element – the hated ones.

Ria, the protagonist of the story is a serious magic disease carrier hater, she wants all of them killed. They don’t deserve to live. BUT her life takes a big U-turn when she has to have the famous rich carrier – Adrian, as a classmate and then the boyfriend of her best friend who is dead set on finding the cure to the disease… Wait, thats not the least of her problems…. she has to face bigger problems when Ria suddenly finds the symptoms of disease in herself and has to seek aid from the one she loathes – Adrian.

Go and read the book which will keep you on your toes and curious !